Who do we trust most? Ourselves

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And that’s true all the more for sophisticated fluid systems. A flaw, no matter how small, in valves, pressure regulators, actuators and fittings can have disastrous consequences in development or production.

We choose not to take this risk. That’s why we decided right at the founding of our company in 2008 to do everything ourselves – that distinguishes FiWaRec® from the competition.

In a word: We’re not satisfied simply to develop patented fluid technology; we also produce it. That’s how we exercise complete control over our product. And you have the certainty that Made in Germany actually means 100% from Germany.


The secret behind what's new: what's old

Officially, we have existed since 2008. But that's just half the story. Because we have been engaged with the subject of valves for much, much longer that this.

FiWaRec® is backed by engineers and developers, who have been advancing fluid technology for years. Together, they have several decades of professional experience on which to draw. Each of them has a specialization needed for specific solutions. What is decisive here: All of them are so attuned to one another that their knowledge pool is a wellspring of ideas and the source of a productive workflow.

And this will continue to be the case in the future. Our trainees today will become the designers and engineers of tomorrow. Rejoice – there is more to come.